Snap IPTV Review | 1,0000+ Channels for $11/Month

Under the gigantic shade of IPTV, thousands of IPTV providers have been offering their services for years. Some have evolved, while others are still in the struggling phase. So, today, we have chosen an IPTV service that wants its users to experience the best! Its name is Snap IPTV. It offers plenty of international streams at an affordable price.

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Snap IPTV is an excellent IPTV service provider. From top to bottom, it’s a flawless service. Moreover, it has been operating in the market for more than three years. The quantity of the streams and their quality is rising day by day. On the whole, it is aligned with the latest technology, so calling it the Modern IPTV service provider would be quite fair.

Official Website:

Features of Snap IPTV


Snap IPTV has a vast collection of 20,000+ channels! It covers news, weather, entertainment, comedy, religion, kids, and almost every genre. These thousands of streams have the local and the most popular content.


Snap IPTV has access to 100000+ movies and TV series.

Sports and International Streams

Sports and International streams are the most preferred subjects of any IPTV service provider. Snap IPTV has complete command over these two categories.

The majority of its international content is from UK and USA. But, it also has a delicious blend of streams from 56 countries.

Yes, you are reading it right, that Snap IPTV has a vast collection of content from all over the globe.

High Quality

We have already mentioned the quantity and variety of the streams. But now it’s time to check whether it has high-quality content or not?

While thoroughly reviewing this IPTV provider, we learned about its perplexing high quality. It offers its streams in Full HD, HD, and even in 4K! It’s a fantastic plus point. In comparison, most of the services lag in offering good picture quality.

Constant Updates and Buffer-free Streams

A year back, Snap IPTV was delivering content from 50 countries. But, within a year, they have added the streams from 6 countries. It shows that Snap IPTV is quite efficient in adding more and more content.

These constant updates are the reason behind the addition of the latest and trendy content to its list. Moreover, all of its streams are buffer-free. Low internet bandwidth isn’t an issue for Snap IPTV. It lets you enjoy your streams without any hassle. Well, if the bandwidth is greater than 8 Mbit/s, then its Full HD content will adorn your screen.


Compatibility wasn’t and isn’t an issue for Snap IPTV. It shares a friendly bond with almost every other device. We want to jot down some of its genial devices’ names:

  • Android
  • MAG devices
  • Firestick
  • Fire Box TV
  • Smart TVs
  • iOS devices
  • Zgemma
  • MAC
  • KODI

And many more

Does Snap IPTV deliver permitted content?

After knowing the cardinality of channels, this is the second most important query. Is the content legal or not? What if it has copyrighted streams? What if it got banned?

Before buying any IPTV services, these questions usually hit the mind because some IPTV services have been under a cloud of doubt. Some of its services have violated the rule and gotten banned. So, the subscribers have lost their money.

For this purpose, as the reviewer of IPTV service providers. We have three self-generated possibilities to evaluate the legitimacy of any service.

  1. Is the service available on Amazon or Google Play Store?
  2. Do they only accept crypto-currency?
  3. Is the quality of streams high or low?

Snap IPTV isn’t available on Amazon and Google Play stores. Its payment methods include the Crypto-currency, i.e., Bitcoin. But, the quality of streams is exceptional. Again, we are confused. It’s not completely possible for us to know whether a service is legal or not!

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Be Careful


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How to download Snap IPTV?

The tutorials on the official website of Snap IPTV  will help the user in downloading it on their devices. It has a list of applications that the user can install, like IPTV App, Tivimate application, Perfect Player IPTV, Snap IPTV Player, and many more.


Snap IPTV has extremely flexible prices. But, firstly try the 24 hours free trial. Let’s list the packages:

  • 1 – Month = $19
  • 3 – Months = $35
  • 6 – Months = $59
  • 12 – Months = $95


Payment Methods

Snap IPTV accepts Credit/Debit cards and Bitcoin.

Connections per Subscription

Snap IPTV provides just one connection per subscription.

Customer Care

This IPTV provider offers customer care via Skype. They are 24/7 available on it. But, having a webchat option would be much better.


 Q: Do they offer refunds?

A: Yes, they offer refunds within the first seven days of subscription.

Q: Is it possible for the user to enjoy his/her Snap IPTV subscription anywhere?

A: Yes, IPTV allows users to enjoy shows and programs anywhere. You just need to have a stable internet connection for smooth streams.


On the whole, it’s a complete review of Snap IPTV. Remember to avail of the free trial first and then go for the monthly subscriptions.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: is a website whose main objective is to review the different IPTV service providers and gadgets. Some IPTV services are licensed and verified, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. While some don’t have a streaming license, they still operate in the market. Here, we have set some self-created scales to judge the services. But, it doesn’t ensure that a service is legal or not. We are just working as a reviewer, not as an owner or re-seller of any service. We aim to provide straight and justified reviews only! At last, the buyer will be responsible for any loss or inconvenience.