IPTVTune Review – Over 1,0000 Channels for $80/Year

Internet Protocol Television has a list of the best service providers. We have chosen an amazing IPTV service provider from IPTV’s list. Whose monthly packages will shock you! Because they are extremely affordable! Let’s check them!

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IPTVTune has received a distinction based on its exceptional services by Binge TV. According to them, IPTVTune is the best among the other IPTV service providers. It has all the glittering aspects, from a huge collection of channels to a pocket-friendly package. Therefore, now it’s our utmost job to check the service fairly. So, let’s dive into this IPTV provider:

Features of IPTV Tune


IPTVTune has a colossal list of 10,000+ channels. It includes both local and premium ones. This cardinality of the channels is constantly growing and bringing the most diversified content. It has streams for every age and religious group. IPTVTune has been known as the best IPTV provider for giving access to such vast content in SD and HD quality. 


The section of VoD is the most bewildering one. IPTVTune has the capability to stream 40,000+ in a single subscription. This huge figure is divided into two portions: 20,000 Movies & 20,000+ TV series!

Constant Updates

IPTVTune works on the policy of delivering updated and trendy content. Its gigantic VoD section has the latest movies and TV series. Moreover, such constant updates will surely increase the number of streams soon.

Sports Streams

The credibility of any IPTV service provider is being judged on the cardinality and diversity of the sports streams.

Keeping the above statement in mind, IPTVTune has 200+ sports channels. It includes the NBA, NFL, MLB network, World Cricket, Super Sports, and many more.

Anti-freezing agent

IPTVTune has an extremely well-operating system. Its huge content is being delivered and accessed without any hurdle. Previously, many IPTV service providers have been discouraged and disliked because of buffering and freezing issues. But, IPTVTune has conquered this stumbling rock. It’s a modern service. Therefore, it has H264 technology to cover up and resolve any hiccups like freezing and buffering. On the whole, this latest technology is another reason behind IPTVTune’s fame.


IPTVTune is friendly with almost every device. While checking it thoroughly, not a single device has shown incompatibility. For more convenience, we have listed down the compatible devices:

  • Android TV/Boxes
  • PC/MAC
  • KODI (XBMC) Version 17 and Up
  • MAG 250/254/256
  • Dreamlink T1, T1+, T2, T6
  • Firestick

Does IPTVTune deliver permitted content?

After knowing the cardinality of channels, this is the second most important query. Is the content legal or not? What if it has copyrighted streams? What if it got banned?

Before buying any IPTV services, these questions usually hit the mind because some IPTV services have been under a cloud of doubt. Some of its services have violated the rule and gotten banned. So, the subscribers have lost their money.

For this purpose, as the reviewer of IPTV service providers. We have three self-generated possibilities to evaluate the legitimacy of any service.

  1. Is the service available on Amazon or Google Play Store?
  2. Do they only accept crypto-currency?
  3. Is the quality of streams high or low?

Well, IPTVTune is neither on Amazon nor on Google Play Store. It has multiple payment methods, including crypto-currencies. The overall quality of streams is high. Most of them are in HD, and the use of H264 has reduced buffering and freezing issues. Now, it’s quite a jumble situation.

But, we want our readers to be on the safe side. The best, in this case, is to have a VPN.

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How to download IPTVTune?

Downloading the IPTVTune isn’t a difficult job. On their official website, https://iptvtune.info/faq/ check the FAQ portion. According to your device, you will find the best way to download this IPTV provider.


IPTVTune offers extremely flexible monthly packages. It also has a 24-hours free trial offer. So, it’s best to avail of this opportunity before subscribing to it for a long time.

  • 1 – Month = $15
  • 3 – Months = $30
  • 6 – Months = $50
  • 1 – Year = $80
  • 2 – Year = $120

Connections per subscriptions

The subscriber can use the single subscription on multiple devices. But, he can stream the content on one device at a time. For MAG devices, a single subscription is for just one device only!

Payment Methods

IPTVTune accepts the payment via MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, Skrill, Crypto-currencies, and many more.

Customer Care

IPTVTune offers 24/7 customer care service. You can ask about anything either by email or web chat.


Q: What’s the best internet speed for streaming the content? 

A: For IPTVTune, 16Mbps is the minimum speed for streaming. For 4K quality, 25 Mbps is the required internet speed.

Q: Does IPTVTune’s EPG works for all channels?

A: No, it works for only 80% of channels.

Q: Does IPTVTune offers a refund? 

A: They do offer a full refund within the first three days.


Overall, IPTVTune is an excellent service. So, avail it!

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: https://whatisiptv.net/ is a website whose main objective is to review the different IPTV service providers and gadgets. Some IPTV services are licensed and verified, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. While some don’t have a streaming license, they still operate in the market. Here, we have set some self-created scales to judge the services. But, it doesn’t ensure that a service is legal or not. We are just working as a reviewer, not as an owner or re-seller of any service. We aim to provide straight and justified reviews only! At last, the buyer will be responsible for any loss or inconvenience.