Comstar TV Review – Over 1,0000 Live Channels for $79/Year

Over the years, the hype and demand for IPTV services have grown to a significant extent. Comstar IPTV provider is one such great example of the best IPTV service, proven remarkable in delivering a seamless, smooth and cheap TV experience via internet connection.

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Known for its pocket-friendly deals, thousands of channels, and top-notch uptime, Comstar can give you worthy entertainment without breaking a bank.

If you’ve been planning to get Comstar for a long time but don’t know how to start, this is a must-read guide for you to kick all the doubts while buying Comstar IPTV.

From is Comstar safe to use and legal to what channels Comstar has, we’ve covered everything that you might be curious to know about this best IPTV service. Having said that, let’s get right into it.

Official website:


First things first. Before we dive deep into this Comstar review, let us first have a quick overview of Comstar.

  • 10,000 channels
  • 9000 movies
  • 94+ load balancing servers
  • The basic plan starts with $15
  • 9% uptime in every package
  • 48-hour free trial
  • PPP events in all packages
  • Top-notch HD quality channels
  • 24/7 support on all devices
  • Available worldwide

Is Comstar Safe?

Before we move ahead with the Comstar Review, let us first scan the official URL of Comstar.

As you can see, the official website of Comstar review is HTTPS secure, which means you won’t find any disturbance while using their website. After scanning the official website of Comstar, we’re glad to share that there were no viruses or malware detected during the website scan.

For further assurance, it’s always best to protect yourself while streaming content from the Comstar IPTV service.

For this reason, you can also use any of the secure VPNs to avoid third-party interference and secure identity.

Best VPN for Comstar

In this review, we suggest you use the PureVPN service that provides faster internet speeds with its new yet impressive 20Gbps server speed upgrades. Whether you’ve got to access websites or watch movies, its AES 256-bit encrypted network will get your back covered every time.

Comstar Channels

As said before, Comstar offers around 10,000+ stable channels at a minimal price of $14.99. From live channels, favorites, recorder videos, recently watched, VIP channels to categories, you’ll get 24/7 entertainment, including the local ones.

Moreover, the channels are available in the premium FHD, HD, and SD channels in the category of movies, news, and sports to cater to everyone’s requirements.


Comstar IPTV service offers very flexible pricing, so anyone even on a tight budget can get this IPTV and enjoy it.

All four different subscription plans offer unique features such as the number of connections, durations, channels, categories, etc.

You can also try the 48-hour free trial and check how the trial goes so you can make a decision right away.

The 4 subscription packages are as follows:

48-hour full trial – FREE

7 days (1 week) -$7.99

1 month – $14.99

3 months – $29.99

6 months – $49.99 (Most popular)

12 months – $79.99

Our verdict

Comstar is one of the very few top-rated IPTV service providers that has been in entertainment for more than 2 years. They stand out from the crowd by providing high-quality entertainment that doesn’t ask for a fortune.

As a premium IPTV provider, Comstar has set Hallmark to offer more than 10,000 stable channels, 9000 movies, and many other TV shows that you will never get enough of watching.

Moreover, it offers 9000+ VODs and records with exciting and exclusive movies, news, sports channels, and whatnot. Whether you’re from the US or outside the US, you won’t have to compromise on anything. The most impressive thing about Comstar is that they offer the same number of live premium TV channels and VOD content to all the members.

Didn’t Like About The Comstar?

The only thing users complain about Comstar is their poor customer service which most of the time doesn’t reply, which isn’t a good sign for the best IPTV service.

Another thing that doesn’t compel users is that Comstar IPTV only works well for the first 3 months and then starts creating problems such as poor internet connection and others.

At trust pilot, Comstar has received a 2.0 rating for different reasons, as mentioned above.


What is Comstar?

Comstar is a premium HD IPTV service that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime on any compatible device to watch your favorite shows without spending a fortune.

Is Comstar Legal?

Let’s be honest, it’s quite an impossible task for a review site to determine the legality of an IPTV service based on its official website. As per reviews, it seems that using Comstar won’t be a problem for you as it’s available in any country inside or outside the US.

Does Comstar provide Live TV?

Yes, Comstar offers live TV shows, movies, and thousands of channels 24/7, so you can carry your dose of entertainment anywhere around.

What devices can Comstar be installed on?

It’s best to install Comstar TV on compatible devices such as Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Android smartphones, and more. Whichever device you choose, make sure it is compatible with Comstar IPTV and stream all the content smoothly.

What channels does Comstar have?

Overall, Comstar has 10,000 stable channels for both or on-demand in the category of music, news, sports, and many in between. Moreover, they also have an option of a Live TV section where you can watch local, national, and international sports along with NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB sports