What is IPTV?

Astonishing inventions!

Indeed, the Internet is one of them! Internet is the central part of the millions of online activities like gaming, businesses, IPTV, and many more. Even in the pandemic, when the whole world was stuck! The Internet came as a rescuer to several firms. Apart from online work, entertainment hasn’t stopped in that period too. Instead, it has aroused the urge to have more and more content.

Previously, traditional Broadcasting was the only hope to extinguish the desire for enjoyment at home. But, now, Internet has given birth to IPTV – which is a game-changer. IPTV is not new; it’s been developing for more than 25 years. If IPTV is a new word for you, then don’t worry! We are here to explain it:

  • What is IPTV?
  • How do IPTV works?
  • IPTV Providers
  • IPTV Boxes …. And many more!

What is IPTV?

Previously, traditional Broadcasting used to be the king of entertainment. Its two ministers: satellites and fiber optic cables, were considered the data transmission mode. In the start, their ultimate job was to broadcast the shows at a particular time. Gradually, their span and cardinality of content increased to a certain limit.

But, where lies the problem for its downfall? There were and are two considerable drawbacks of traditional Broadcasting.

  • Limited content
  • Extremely high rates

In short, this previous king is now taking his last breaths. A shining star known as IPTV came in all of these stumbling rocks. But, firstly, we have to know that what is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television is the full-form of IPTV. It works completely on the Internet. More precisely, Internet Protocol Television is the latest and the most suitable way to transmit content. It is the method of delivering the content via the Internet. The receiver and sender connect through IP addresses. It’s the safest way to exchange videos, audio, texts, emails, and many other things.

People were restricted to watching the programs on their broadcasting time on television days. But, IPTV has changed this perception completely! If you are busy and have missed your favorite show, then use the option of catch-up. If you want to enjoy any movie at any time, then just search it in the movie section. Hopefully, you will find it. There are a bunch of positive aspects to IPTV. It has made our lives quite easy. Now, entertainment is 24/7 available in your home.

Apart from that, what is IPTV? There’s a lot more to know about IPTV.

How Do IPTV works?

The working of IPTV isn’t different from downloading a file or searching on web pages. For now, we have to go a little deep into this operating system. Because knowing the anatomy of IPTV is our main concern.

General Anatomy of IPTV

When a person selects a particular program to watch on its TV. From the servers-end, that picked application converts into small packets of data. It’s more like the photons, which are the small energy packets. These data packets contain information and travel through the Internet. At the same time, the whole mechanism of the Internet works like this. Break the program into smaller packages and then start the journey.

Therefore, when these powerful packets reach the final spot, they get converted into accurate and aligned information by the users-end machine. On the whole, this is the anatomy of the IPTV’s operating system.

Comparison of IPTV and Traditional Broadcasting

The working phenomena of the IPTV are completely different from the traditional ones. Previously, all of the channels were broadcast simultaneously. Therefore, the user has to watch his shows in the original time. While in IPTV, the selected program will stream only. More precisely, only one show at a time. Don’t worry! As soon as you jump on the second show, the same process of data conversion into small packets takes place. And in Nano-seconds, the second stream started to beam your screen.

IPTV allows the user to enjoy the streams at any time and place

Unlike traditional Broadcasting, which restricts the user to watch the show at a fixed time and location. The IPTV lets its users watch any program at their desired time and place. Because the subscription plans of IPTV service providers allow the users to enjoy the streams on multiple devices.

IPTV Service Providers

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Consider IPTV as a strong tree, and its service providers are its branches. There are hundreds of service providers, whom main goals are to deliver the best. Some are the best and most sturdy, while others are still in the struggling phase, apart from Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. Several IPTV service providers are working under IPTV. We want to list and describe a few of them.

1. Aris IPTV

Aris IPTV offers more than 30,000+ channels with a lot of international ones. It also provides 40,000+ Video On Demand. All of this is available for $57 per year.

2. Comstar TV

It is one of the best IPTV service providers. Comstar has a bag full of 9,000+ channels, and content is from 50+ countries. It costs about $79.99 per year.

3. IPTV Tune

IPTVTUNE has a list of 10,000+ channels and 40,000 VoD. Its high-quality content costs about $80 per year.

It’s not the complete list of the best IPTV service providers. Firstly, if you want to choose any of them, check the 24 or 48 hours free trial. It will help a lot in selecting the best IPTV service.

4. Worthystream

Worthystream is another exceptional IPTV service provider. All of its content is worthy of watching, as is its name. It offers 15,000+ channels and 40,000+ VoD. In the section of VoD, 20,000+ movies and 20,000+ TV series are available on demand. Therefore, it’s a full bomb of enjoyment. Worthystream charges about $85 per year.

5. BunnyStreams

BunnyStreams has a wide collection of 15,000+ channels and 40,000 VoD. All of these spectacular services will be on your door at $85 per year.

6. Typhoon Labs

Typhoon Labs TV offers more than 1,500 channels from North and South America. Moreover, the range of its VoD is up to 10,000. You have to pay $70 per year to avail of this recommendation.

7. Necro IPTV

Necro IPTV has a collection of 2,000 channels. It includes sports, news, local, entertainment, and many other channels. All in all, it costs about $15 per month.

8. IPTV Trend

IPTV Trend is known as the fastest IPTV service provider. It offers the most stable connections along with a bag full of content. While talking about IPTV Trend’s content, it has 19,000+ channels and 56,000+ movies and TV series – which is utterly awesome. Moreover, IPTV Trend’s display is exceptional. All of its channels are in HD and 4K. It costs about $150.99 per year with many other spectacular services.

9. SelecTV

SelectTV is offering 10,000+ channels and 20,000+ VoD with a lot of international content. They charge only $84.99 per year.

10. Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV is a well-known IPTV service provider. It has a decent collection of 20,000+ Live channels and VoD. On the whole, it costs about $130 per year.

IPTV Boxes

Well, you will be wondering what is an IPTV Box.

Let us clear one thing, if you have the latest TV set, then don’t worry. It will have a built-up set-up for IPTV. But, if you are still using your grandmother’s TV set, then you must need a set-top box.


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Now, come to the point, what is an IPTV Box?

Above, we have used the word “MACHINE.” This machine is used to convert the mini-data packets into the proper form. More precisely, this machine can solve this riddle of streaming content. While moving forward, this machine is known as IPTV Box. There are several IPTV Boxes; we have listed a few of them:

  • Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box
  • Roku Express
  • Amazon Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Remote
  • Manhattan T3
  • Apple TV 4K
  • NVidia Shield TV
  • Google Chromecast with Google TV
  • Roku Streambar
  • MAG 324 IPTV Box
  • Buzz TV XR4000
  • Dreamlink T1
  • Dreamlink T2
  • TVIP v.605
  • Buzz TV XPL3000

This list will continue to go on! There are plenty of compatible devices out there. On the other side, if you want to run IPTV services on laptops, mobiles, or tablets, there’s no need to buy an IPTV Box.

Main Features of IPTV Services

From what IPTV is to what features IPTV offers. Our journey has become quite interesting because availing of IPTV isn’t a difficult job. Moreover, it has extended the vision and dimension of entertainment. From a limited TV channel collection to a wide range of content, the world of entertainment has evolved a lot.

IPTV is different from the traditional way of Broadcasting. This difference brings much responsibility on the shoulders of IPTV. Here, we will mention the startling features of the IPTV, which will distinguish it from the conventional one.

Video On Demand (VoD):

Video On Demand is like visiting the shop, demanding something, and getting at the spot. Similarly, as a subscriber of IPTV services, you just search the movie on the bar, and then the server will send it to you in tiny data packets.

VoD is the section where the content is 24/7 available. No matter how old or latest it is! In short, you can enjoy your movies and TV shows at any time.

Many platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube are always available for movies and TV shows. But, the question is, Are they OTT or under the flag of IPTV?

Well, they both resemble a lot. But, they have a minor difference. As mentioned above, IPTV uses the IP address for smooth and safe data transmission. While, in the case of Netflix, Hulu, or Disney, the streaming of their premium content takes place on the public Internet.

Issue of Storage? 

The movies and TV series section are on the hit list of the audience. Because it’s just one single click away. But, a question arises here: Is it possible to store such a wide collection of movies? And then, stream them On-Demand!

Yes, it is possible. The best IPTV service providers do have an extensive collection of movies. They are capable enough to stream it without any buffering!

nVoD (Pay-Per-View): 

nVoD stands for Near-Video On Demand. This section will deliver the events or streaming content schedule to the user beforehand. In nVoD, most of the time, the scheduled events are of sports. It’s, indeed, the most special category.


LIVE TV on IPTV is similar to traditional Broadcasting. It is what others say! Because on both LIVE TV broadcasts in real-time, it will be quite odd to say that they are completely alike in this section!

They are not! Conventional Broadcasting has a limited number of channels. In comparison, IPTV service providers provide hundreds of LIVE TV channels with more diversity.

News, sports, weather, and many more channels fall under the LIVE TV list.

Time-Shifted IPTV:

Don’t worry if your busy schedule does not allow you to watch your favorite show! IPTV offers the best option known as Catch-up for missed shows. This category falls under the name of the Time-Shifted IPTV.

Is it the same as VoD?

No! Video On Demand allows the user to watch any program at any time. But, in Time-Shifted IPTV, the user can save the program up to a limited span. Not for any time! The maximum time for the Catch-Up is 30 days. This section differs the IPTV from the conventional one! Because in traditional Broadcasting, the aired episode of your show will never be re-aired at your desired time. But, Time-shifted IPTV will rescue you in this case. So, choose wisely!

International Content

Conventional Broadcasting covers local and a few international content. At the same time, the case is different in IPTV. Because it’s a hub of multi-national content. The services mentioned above have plenty of media from worldwide.

Who is more expensive, IPTV Or Conventional Broadcasting?

The yearly packages of the IPTV service providers have been mentioned above. Now, it’s time to jot down the rates of traditional Broadcasting. According to a survey of 2019, it’s been known that conventional Broadcasting costs about 50 to 100 dollars per month!

It is quite a big figure compared to the IPTV service providers. An IPTV service provider costs $80 yearly, while a traditional one costs 50 to 100$ per month. The difference is wholly huge. In this budget-friendly package, IPTV is offering several benefits like:

  • More number of channels, movies, and TV series
  • High quality
  • 24/7 availability
  • Catch-up facility
  • International and local content
  • Customer care

Strengths and Weaknesses of IPTV

Every commodity has some strengths and flaws in it. Likewise, IPTV has a lot of advantages and a bit of disadvantages too.


Easy Access

Gaining access to any IPTV service provider is quite easy. Firstly, you have to upgrade your TV, install the application, and pay the subscription bill. Then enjoy the streams at any time. A good internet connection is a must!

Content heterogeneity and constant availability

IPTV has a diverse pool of content. Local and international streams, movies, and TV series are enough to lower the burden of a hectic day. Every content is just a single click away.

Zero disturbance

Conventional Broadcasting runs several advertisements during the show. It costs the peace of mind too. But, IPTV has ended this issue. Therefore, the users can enjoy advertisement-free streams.

Accessible on every device

IPTV allows the user to enjoy the streams on any device, whether a laptop, mobile phone, or Smart TV. It doesn’t restrict you to just sitting in front of the TV.


It costs so much compared to the traditional one!


Excessive Load

Sometimes, when the user load is more than average, the system becomes stuck. It will take a few minutes to resolve this freezing issue.


Buffering will occur when a large file runs on the screen with a slow internet connection. Try to have a fast Wi-Fi connection.

Legal or illegal

Previously, some IPTV services have been banned for streaming illegal content. So, the banned service subscribers have faced a huge loss. Therefore, it’s best to check before that whether a site is legal or not!

Therefore, these are some of the pros and cons of IPTV. With more advancement in the future, IPTV will cover and amend its flaws.

What will be the Future of TV?

From our extensive research and stats of people using the IPTV services. We have concluded that IPTV will be the future of TV soon.

From the Mordor Intelligence, it’s been known that IPTV generated 40.85 billion dollars in 2019. They also have estimated that by 2025 IPTV’s market will expand to $104 billion. 

On the other side, the conventional TV has to grow to retain its name. Otherwise, these hefty competitors will crush it under their exceptional services.


From, What IPTV is to What will be the future of TV, we have jotted down everything. Therefore, our final thoughts are more inclined towards IPTV. Because of its exceptional features, IPTV will soon become the future of TV.