SelecTV IPTV Review | 10000+ Premium Channels in $17/Month

Are you looking for a service that lets you watch your favorite movies, T.V. shows, and video streaming all under one roof? If you nodded, SelecTv is all you want to enjoy endless entertainment without emptying your pocket.

As one of the most well-known IPTV service providers in the market, SelecTv is your all-in-one media channel aggregator to get rid of those expensive cable subscriptions and countless glitches. Exceeding expectations, it offers 10000+ live channels and 25000+ TV Shows and Movies from your favorite sources, including Youtube, FOX, NBC, and many others.

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If you’re someone who can’t risk money in time-wasting ads and out-of-budget television plans, SelecTv IPTV service has got you covered.

Enough of the praise; it’s time to review this IPTV service, so you’ve got everything you need to try this IPTV service.

Official website:

SelecTV Overview

 Before we head on to the detailed review of the SelecTv service, let us look at a general overview of the services they offer.

  • Two Apps available
  • 10000+Live channels
  • 25000+TV Shows and Movies
  • The plan starts at $17 per month
  • 4 user-friendly plans according to your choice
  • 3-hour full free trial
  • 24/7 support
  • Up-to-date VOD and Series section
  • Network Infrastructure
  • One APP for all your payments and subscriptions

Is SelecTv safe?

The first step while reviewing an IPTV to determine whether it’s safe to use or not is inspecting its URL. Not only is the IPTV service fast and easy to load, but also free from nearly all kinds of viruses or malware found. Although it doesn’t have any original content, the IPTV service makes sure every form of data is wholly secure. Moreover, the website is easily accessible, user-friendly, and promises you a daily dose of entertainment.

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All this combined makes SelecTv one of the safest IPTV service providers where you don’t have to worry about any website crash. In addition, the official website of SelecTv also has copyright claims which show the credibility of all the content published there.

SelecTv IPTV channels

SelecTv IPTV offers a pool of channels to binge-watch and strike your boredom. Basically, it has both free and premium content in the categories of sports, news, kids, international, music, and entertainment. Overall, there are 3 M3U connections and 1 MAG connection available to access your favorite broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and The C.W.

The number of connections a user gets varies with the package you choose between free content or premium stuff. All you’ve to do is click on My Subscriptions and enjoy a bevy of your favorite shows.

Another impressive feature of the SelecTv IPTV stream provider is its up-to-date VOD and series sections.


Another impressive point about SelecTv is that its pricing is not limited to only one package but comes in various options. This way, you won’t have to compromise on one or the other incentive but get all the perks in your budget.

However, the prices not only differ in terms of channels you get to see but also the time for which the subscription is active and the number of connections. As of now, SelecTv IPTV offers four different packages which are unique in comparison with each other.

The different packages, along with their details, are the following:

  • 17$ per month for one connection with the choice for other connections available
  • 36$ for 3 months of quality streaming with multiple connections
  • 62$ for 6 months to stream your favorite shows without any interruption
  • 88$ for a tension-free year with all your favorite shows streaming just by a click

All of these packages contain the latest, advanced and seamless VOD and series sections for your luxurious entertainment. Wait, there’s more. Whichever section you choose, select offers the extra benefit of Multi-rooms, which is truly impressive for an IPTV service.

The feature of paying through one APP is another perk that comes with SelecTv. You can easily manage payments with MediaPay. A consumer can easily turn those subscriptions on or off with one consolidated bill.

Our verdict on SelecTv IPTV

SelecTv IPTV is a modern IPTV provider using which you can get access to 10000+ live channels and 25000+ TV Shows and Movies. Having this much variety in a single APP is a dream come true for many who’re tired of buying cable packages that never ticks the boxes.

SelecTv is a new yet valuable IPTV service that is safe to use, navigate around and watch shows with the ultimate peace of mind. Whether you’ve used an IPV service before or not, SelecTv won’t give you a hard time finding all your streaming apps in one place.

With SelecTv, you won’t have to worry about lengthy contracts, hidden fees, or uninformed cancellations. No matter where are you heading to, all you’ve to do is connect your internet, log in to SelecTv, and enjoy live T.V. shows in comfort and is

The information and details are secured as the rights of the website, while there’s also a special section for series and VOD, which is a plus for all the users.


What is SelecTv IPTV?

SelecTv is an IPTV provider which provides uninterrupted entertainment to its users. It comes with user-friendly packages and has apps to make entertainment accessible for anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Does SelecTv IPTV provide Live T.V.?

Yes, SelecTv provides 10000+ live channels, which are readily available on the apps available for streaming. Not only this, but you can also get your hands on the 25000+ TV Shows and Movies available for you.

What devices can SelecTv IPTV be installed on?

At this moment, it is limited to android only, but SelecTv will soon expand its network. The two apps on which it runs are the XC Android app and Smarters Android app.

What channels does SelecTv IPTV have?

SelecTv contains sports, business, news, kids, international, music, and entertainment-related channels. It also contains 10000+ live channels and 25000+ Shows and Movies. All of this is inside your mobile phone and accessible 24/7.