BestCast TV Review | 800+ Premium Channels in $24/Month

Selection always takes time, whether it’s in food or shopping. Just like this, picking up the best IPTV service seems quite hard. But for the ease of our readers. We have taken this responsibility and honestly reviewed the services. Today, we have a hefty competitor from the list of best IPTV services. Its name is BestCast TV. Below, we have written everything about it in detail. So, just scan it!

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BestCast TV is a premium and trustworthy IPTV service provider. Its exceptional and flawless features truly depict the team’s hard work. From its performance to safety, everything seems perfect. This IPTV provider does have fewer channels as compared to other services. But, its great EPG and Catch-up facility makes it more worthy. Well, it’s time to dive completely into the attributes of BestCast TV. For pertinent information; join us:

Overview of BestCast TV

  • Gives access to 800+ channels
  • 6000+ movies in a single subscription
  • A hub of 17,000+ TV series
  • Excellent EPG
  • Catch-up
  • Bountiful Spanish and USA streams
  • 200+ Sports channels and PPV events
  • VPN friendly
  • 5-connections per subscription
  • Catch-Up
  • HD channels
  • $23.99 per month



BestCast TV handovers the access of 800+ channels to its customers on a single subscription. It includes local, new, sports, documentaries, religion, music, entertainment, and kids channels on the top. Although, the cardinality of BestCast TV is a bit bijou compared to others. But, the quality is high!

VoDs & TV Series

About 6,000+ movies and 17,000+ TV series are on the bucket list of BestCast TV. It would be pretty equitable to name BestCast TV as the best for providing such a colossal TV series list.

Bountiful USA and Spanish Streams

BestCast TV has 189+ USA and 578 Spanish channels. It’s an amazing offer for those who love American and Spanish content!


This IPTV provider shares the compatibility with the following devices:

  • Android
  • NVidia Shield
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Fire TV

Is BestCast TV safe?

Is BestCast TV safe? What if it brings viruses or malware to my system? Usually, these questions are quite disturbing! So, let’s check whether this service provider is safe or not?

From Google’s safe browsing site, we have checked that the URL of BestCast TV is completely safe!

It is completely safe!

Does BestCast TV deliver permitted Content?

After knowing the cardinality of channels, this is the second most important query. Is the content legal or not? What if it has copyrighted streams? What if it got banned?

Before buying any IPTV services, these questions usually hit the mind because some IPTV services have been under a cloud of doubt. Some of its services have violated the rule and gotten banned. So, the subscribers have lost their money.

For this purpose, as the reviewer of IPTV service providers. We have three self-generated possibilities to evaluate the legitimacy of any service.

  1. Is the service available on Amazon or Google Play Store?
  2. Do they only accept crypto-currency?
  3. Is the quality of streams high or low?

BestCast TV is neither available on the Amazon app store nor Google play store. No, they accept PayPal only! Their streaming quality is exceptionally high. On the whole, these self-made possibilities indicate that this service is legal. But, we cannot label any IPTV provider as the legal one.

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BestCast TV offers a 24-hours free trial. So, it’s best to avail of the free trial and then decide. Its price is a bit high as compared to other providers. Let’s check the monthly packages:

  • 1 – Month = $23.99
  • 3 – Months = $59.99

Connections per subscription

Prices are a little high, but they offer five connections on a single subscription. So, it isn’t a weak deal at all. You can simultaneously stream on five devices for just $23.99.

Payment Method

BestCast TV accepts PayPal only!

Customer Care

24/7 BestCast TV team is available to hear the issues! They truly believe in quick responses!


Q: Does BestCast TV has Catch-up?

A: Yes, BestCast TV has this spectacular option of Catch-Up. The user can save up to 60 shows for the next seven days.

Q: Does BestCast TV’s package includes sports and PPV events?

A: Yes, its package includes 200+ international sports channels and PPV events.

Q: Does it has Canadian Channels?

A: Yes, it has 100+ Canadian channels.

Final Verdict

On the whole, this service is a complete bundle of entertainment. If anyone wants to taste some Spanish and USA content, then it’s the best!