Necro IPTV Review | 2000+ Premium Channels in $14/Month

If you can’t resist watching your favorite TV shows in comfort, Necro TV is the internal protocol provider you’ve been looking for. It’s your all-in-one IPTV service that offers cheap, luxurious, and uninterrupted entertainment to everyone in your house.

From offering a wide variety of channels to fulfilling everyone’s requirements, Necro IPTV is a top-rated IPTV service for everyone.

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Whether safety is your concern or you want more variety, this IPTV service won’t disappoint you with its amazing features and offerings.

If this has made you curious to try Necro IPTV service, let’s dive deep into the overview of this internet protocol provider.

Official website:

Necro IPTV Overview

  • 2000 live channels
  • HD channel
  • Plans start at $14.00
  • Multiple connections available
  • Variety of channels
  • External video player support
  • Accepts multiple payment methods
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • No IP location locked
  • Major sports packages
  • External video player support
  • Accept cryptocurrency
  • 24/7 customer support
  • VPN friendly

Is Necro IPTV Safe?

Safety is probably the first thing users look for when choosing an IPTV service. Regarding Necro IPTV, not only it is safe but also completely secure because of the software installed in it. After scanning the official URL of the Necro IPTV service, we found out that there was no malicious viruses/malware present there.

Despite this assurance, it’s essential to draw a safe boundary when using this IPTV service to watch the content or navigate different channels.

Necro IPTV Channels

It’s hard to find an IPTV that can stand against the HD quality channels of Necro IPTV. From shows, movies to pictures, Necro IPTV offers high-definition, resolution, and seamless quality channels with the additional benefit of EPG view.

Not 500 or 1000, they offer 2000 live channels that start with a minimum of $15.00, also known as the basic package. Speaking of variety, they offer a pool of options to choose from entertainment, news, sports, and much more.

Necro IPTV also meets special demands by offering channels in PPV, sports packages, adult TV, and many other exclusive channels.


Needless to say, Necro IPTV service marks itself as one of the most affordable IPTV service providers in the market as of now. They offer different subscription plans with different offerings so that you can enjoy luxurious entertainment treats at any time.

At the very moment, the Necro IPTV service offers two subscription plans for two connections in each.

Note: Like most IPTV, Necro IPTV service offers both monthly and yearly subscription plans, but it’s better to go with monthly plans because of the flexibility it offers. Not only are yearly plans complex to understand but also a pain in the neck to use.

In addition, registering to Necro IPTV is easier than it sounds and requires nothing more than an anonymous email address and payment method to pay with.

Is Necro IPTV Legal?

Using a legal IPTV is no less than a sigh of relief to prevent serious circumstances of using unverified or illegal IPTV services. Therefore, we tried to check the legality or licensing of Necro IPTV through the content present on their official website.

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Hence, we’ve concluded that Necro IPTV is not properly licensed and may have copyrighted content that needs to be taken care of while using this IPTV service.

This means, you as the user of this IPTV, are wholly responsible for all the content consumed through this IPTV service.

Our Verdict

Necro IPTV is not any other ordinary IPTV service that you come across every day. It’s one of the most sought-after affordable IPTV providers, with an excellent 4- star rating on Trustpilot.

At the time of writing, they offer 2000 channels from your favorite categories, which is really impressive for an IPTV service. It was introduced in 2017 when the hype for reliable IPTV service was on peak, leaving traditional cable services behind. The best thing about Necro IPTV that sets it apart is that you can watch anything here without downloading it manually.

This not only saves your time, efforts, and interest but also offers cutting-edge quality channels with high resolution.

Moreover, their pocket-friendly subscriptions with the 24-hour free trial always get your back and let you choose your favorite dose of entertainment from VOD to sports, and entertainment. However, it also offers multiple device connectivity but differs from the package you choose. Unlike other IPTV services, it brings channels everywhere from UAE, Germany, Switzerland, Austra, Turkey for 200 channels with unbeatable quality.

When it comes to compatibility, Necro IPTV is the one top-notch option for you. From Android TV box, MAG 256, Dreamlin T1, Kodi, STB emulator to a myriad of other devices, Necro IPTV offers high-end device compatibility so you can set it up easily and enjoy smooth streaming at any time of the day.

FAQ’s About Necro IPTV

What Is Necro IPTV?

Introduced in 2017, Necro IPTV is a reliable IPTV service that offers around 2000 different live channels and is available in a myriad of compatible devices for affordable entertainment to everyone.

Is Necro IPTV legal?

Unfortunately, we can’t determine if Necro IPTV is entirely legal, but it doesn’t hold the proper licensing required for a secure IPTV service. In addition, they might also have some disturbing copyright content, so it’s best to take care of your actions while using this IPTV service.

Does this IPTV service provide Live TV?

Yes, Necro IPTV service offers around 2000 live channels in a myriad of categories from entertainment, sports, news, adult, and many others in between.

What devices can Necro IPTV be installed on?

Necro IPTV is a device-compatible IPTV service that can easily be installed on a number of devices from Amazon Forestick to android, iOS, and many others. However, you can download the Necro IPTV or watch it live at your feasibility.

What channels does Necro IPTV use?

Necro IPTV offers 2000 live channels from a multitude of countries, available for both download and live. You can watch channels in the categories of entertainment, movies, music, news, sports, and many others.