TV Subscription Review | 20000+ Channels For $69/Year

Have you watched last night’s episode? Are you following this newly aired series? These are the questions, which usually hit our ears the whole day. So, it’s a MUST in today’s society to have an eye on every happening. So, for this purpose, we have pulled out an interesting service from the dimension of IPTV. Whose main objective is to entertain the audience at an affordable price!

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Want to enjoy the 2022s Football World Cup, along with other sports events? Then, this review will definitely end your search for the best sports IPTV! We have TV subscription on our table, whose fantastic services will blow your mind. Starting from the number of streams to affordable packages, everything seems perfect. Let’s dive directly into this review with us without any further delay!

Official website:


  • 14,000 to 16,000 LIVE TV channels
  • 20,000 Online Channels
  • VoD section
  • Automatic Updates
  • Exceptional International Streams
  • Sports channels
  • 4K and 8K Ultra HD quality
  • No IP location Locked
  • VPN Friendly
  • Excellent EPG
  • Anti-freezing technology
  • Free trial
  • $13.99 per month

Key Features


TV subscription has a distinct feature as compared to other IPTV service providers. It offers both LIVE TV and Online channels separately, without compromising the quality and quantity. Furthermore, it has 16,000+ LIVE TV channels and 20,000 online channels. The genre coverage is from news, sports, local, entertainment, cartoons, kids, to music. On the whole, it’s a complete bundle of enjoyment.

VoD section

The craze of watching the latest TV series and movies is rising day by day. So, a bountiful collection of VoD is a must part of any IPTV service. Here, TV subscription has a spectacular section of 9,000+ movies and TV series.

Sports and International Streams

These two sections weigh a lot nowadays. Having access to local media isn’t the talk of the town anymore. The audience wants to keep an eye on international affairs. Therefore, TV subscription has gathered numerous global streams from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, UAE, France, Italy, Switzerland, and many more.

All of these international streams do have a lot of sports content. A famous global sports network known as beIN SPORTS is also part of TV subscription.

Constant Updates

We will divide this portion of Updates into three parts.

  • The latest addition of new movies and TV series:

It includes all the newly released shows like Money Heist, Game of Thrones, Squid Games, and many more.

  • High Quality:

All of its channels are in 4K and 8K Ultra HD. In short, TV subscription updated technology has helped to achieve this milestone of providing the best display.

  • Anti-freezing Technology:

TV subscription has adorned its entire attire with the latest technology. Therefore, the issue of being stuck or buffering is no more with its powerful anti-freezing agents.


TV subscription is a gadget-friendly IPTV service provider. It is compatible with almost every other device like Android, Apple, Smart TV, Fire TV, and many more.

Is TV subscription safe?

Here, we will check whether TV subscription is safe or not? For this purpose, we have chosen Google safe browsing site. Let’s check the below screenshots:


The URL of TV subscription is completely safe from malware and other viruses.

Does TV subscription deliver permitted content?

After knowing the cardinality of channels, this is the second most important query. Is the content legal or not? What if it has copyrighted streams? What if it got banned?

Before buying any IPTV services, these questions usually hit the mind because some IPTV services have been under a cloud of doubt. Some of its services have violated the rule and gotten banned. So, the subscribers have lost their money.

For this purpose, as the reviewer of IPTV service providers. We have three self-generated possibilities to evaluate the legitimacy of any service.

  1. Is the service available on Amazon or Google Play Store?
  2. Do they only accept crypto-currency?
  3. Is the quality of streams high or low?

TV subscription is neither available on the Amazon App Store nor Google Play Store. Secondly, Crypto-currency is also one of the payment gateways of this IPTV provider. In contrast, the quality of the streams is exceptional. Once again, we are in a jumble situation.

Be Careful

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TV subscription offers a 48-hours free trial. It’s for testing the service. But, they have an objection in this case. If an important sports event is on-air, they will not allow the free trial. So, only ask when no formal events are happening.

The affordable monthly packages are given below:

  • 1 – Month = $13.99
  • 3 – Months = $29.99
  • 6 – Months = $49.99
  • 12 – Months = $69.00

Connections per subscription

TV subscription offers just one connection per subscription.

Payment Methods

It accepts payment via VISA Card, PayPal, MasterCard, and Crypto-currency.

Customer Care

24/7 availability is their motto. You can contact them through these two mediums:


Q: Do they offer refunds?

A: A refund is possible until the TV subscription activates the service. Once the service is activated after the payment, there is no concept of a refund.

Q: Is TV subscription a stable service?

A: For stability, they have multiple servers and the latest technology to encounter any crash.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, it’s a remarkable service. TV subscription just needs to increase the number of connections per subscription. Otherwise, the monthly package and all these offers seem to be ambrosial.