Ping TV IPTV Review | 800+ Channels | 200+ 4K Channels | $70/ YEAR

Do you want to enjoy the best LIVE TV channels? Do you want to have multiple connections on a single subscription? Do you want to subscribe to a service that’s been in the market for several years?

If you have these queries in your mind, this review is the best place to check in! Let’s examine Ping TV IPTV service provider together. So, be ready to dive into its sparkling aspects.

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Ping TV is a well-known IPTV service provider. It would be quite honest to call this service the oldest one! Because it has a remarkable journey of 14 years with thousands of happy customers. Moreover, Ping TV is more prominent in delivering flawless streams at a reasonable price.

Official Website:


  • 800+ specially dedicated LIVE TV channels
  • VoD section
  • Sports channels
  • HD, FHD, and 4K streams
  • 200+ channels are available in 4K quality
  • Exceptionally operating EPG
  • Multiple connections over a single subscription
  • PPV events
  • No IP location locked
  • A free trial of 24-hours
  • External Player support
  • VPN friendly

Features of Ping TV


Ping TV offers 800+ LIVE TV channels! This channel list has all the desired stuff you are craving for! It has everything from sports, major news channels, entertainment, weather, and kids!

While reviewing the website of Ping TV, we have witnessed an issue. The total number of channels in the pocket of Ping TV is 800. But, at two other spots, it has displayed the availability of 7,000+ channels. This situation seems pretty confusing. So, we will recommend the Ping TV providers to do the suitable correction in this case.

International & Sports Streams

Ping TV has a wide and decent collection of international streams. The majority of its global content is from the United States, UK, and Canada.

While checking the sports section of this IPTV provider was quite astonishing for us. It has several major sports channels like Sky Sports, MLB, NFL, and many more. Therefore, it’s the best option for sports enthusiasts.

High quality

Ping TV is famous for delivering high-quality content. All of its channels are in HD and FHD. Moreover, it has a special 200+ channels of 4K quality.


Compatibility isn’t an issue for this IPTV provider. It shares a comfortable bond with every other device. Let us mention the names of those gadgets:

  • Android
  • Firestick
  • Fire TV
  • Tivimate IPTV
  • IPTV Smarters
  • Kodi

Is Ping TV IPTV safe?

Is Ping TV safe from viruses and malware? How can I check this?

Before landing on any IPTV service provider’s page, these questions may cross your mind. But, there’s no need to worry. We are here to rescue you!

After entering the URL of Ping TV in the Google safe browsing site, we have obtained the following results.


According to these results, no unsafe content has been found.

Is Ping TV legal?

After knowing the cardinality of channels, this is the second most important query. Is this service legal or not? What if it has copyrighted streams? What if it got banned?

Before buying any IPTV services, these questions usually hit the mind because some IPTV services have been under a cloud of doubt. Some of its services have violated the rule and gotten banned. So, the subscribers have lost their money.

For this purpose, as the reviewer of IPTV service providers. We have three self-generated possibilities or queries to evaluate the legitimacy of any service.

Q: 1. Is the service available on Amazon or Google Play Store?

A: 1. Ping TV IPTV is neither available on the Amazon App store nor Google play store.

Q: 2. Do they only accept crypto-currency?

A: 2. No, Ping TV has other payment gateways than Bitcoin or crypto-currency.

Q: 3. Is the quality of streams high or low?

A: 3. The quality of streams is pretty high! Its 200 channels are available in 4K quality. So, they haven’t compromised even a bit on the display quality.

After answering all these possibilities, still, we are not able to generate a statement about the legitimacy of the service. Therefore, labeling it as a legal or illegal service is not viable. But, what’s the best we can do in this situation?

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Be Careful

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Before subscribing to any IPTV services, it’s best to avail of the trials. Here, Ping TV offers a 24-hours free trial – which is a good option! Moreover, they don’t offer quarterly or six-month packages. The user has to pay monthly or yearly.

Ping TV charges $24 per month.

Connections per subscription

Ping TV offers five connections per subscription. It’s a splendid offer!

Payment Method

The user can pay via PayPal and Credit or Debit Card.

Customer Care

24/7 customer care is available. You can contact them through these mediums:

Phone: (479) 524-5340



Q: Do they offer refunds?

A: No, once you have subscribed to the offer then, there’s no refund.

Q: Can we have more than five connections?

A: Yes, the user can have more than five connections with a different monthly plan.

Final Verdict

Overall, the service is great. But, there’s a need to increase the number of channels.